GOLDENFOOD – the producer’s brand!


As a major poultry farmer and breeder, Tranzit Group makes special efforts to recognise and satisfy consumer demands for geese and ducks. Its oven-ready and convenience products manufactured with an expertise of 25 years have been marketed under the Goldenfood brand since 2007. For customers and consumers of waterfowl, the brand has amalgamated by now with reliable and premium quality.


The product range comes from closed and to 100 per cent controlled vertical integration. It means that Tranzit Group holds and operates all the processes from master stock breeding up to meat processing in its own hands. Thereby, the complete product path of meats offered under the Goldenfood brand name is rendered traceable.

Goldenfood as a brand also warrants high-standard compliance with the criteria of food hygiene and animal welfare, as well as the freedom of goose products from GMOs.

Tranzit Group’s own stock of Golden Goose W breeding geese with a pedigree and the stock of Cherry Valley Pekin ducks provide a great base for the premium-quality Goldenfood products.

The Goldenfood goose and duck products are available fresh or frozen and oven-ready - whole or cut-up.

More informations and recipes on the Goldenfood website. 


Goldenfood Goose Catalogue

Frozen goose with giblets | shrink bag (oven-ready)

Frozen young goose with giblets | shrink bag (oven-ready)

Frozen goose leg |shrink bag

Frozen goose breast (with bone and skin) | shrink bag

Fresh goose

Fresh goose leg

Fresh goose breast with bone and skin

Goose breast fillet (boneless and skinless) – fresh or frozen





Goldenfood Duck Catalogue

Deep-frozen roaster duckling with giblets Ι shrink bag (oven-ready)

Deep-frozen roaster duckling without giblets Ι shrink bag (oven-ready)

Frozen roaster duck leg Ι shrink bag

Duck breast boneless, skin on - fresh or frozen

Duck leg – fresh or frozen

Duck breast fillet boneless, skin on – fresh or frozen

Duck leg boneless, skin on - fresh or frozen

Duck wing drummette – fresh or frozen






Goldenfood Convenience Products

Pre-roasted goose

Marinated goose breast, boneless

Pre-roasted duck, boneless



Through its extended international commercial contacts, Tranzit Group is a supplier to major retailers’ private labels not only in Europe, but also in a number of countries overseas. Within and beyond the borders of Hungary, the company’s products are marketed under the veterinary ID number HU332.

Tranzit Group aims to increase the number of its target markets outside Europe and to further intensify its commercial relationships overseas.

Presence in the International Marketplace