Being the owner of the Goldenfood brand, Tranzit Group was launched as a family-run business under the name Tranzit-Ker Zrt. (Plc.) in 1990. The company was growing to a group in the past 25 years and has remained a 100 percent family-owned business. In addition to certain crop production, the company is predominantly engaged in waterfowl - duck and goose - breeding. Its core business activities include the complete integration and processing of waterfowl ranging from breeding, hatching, feed mixing, raising, slaughtering, processing and sales.

As a result of constant developments and the rapid integration of international methods and experiences, and subject to a high-level compliance with the criteria of food hygiene and animal welfare, Tranzit Group has grown to a major player of the sector by now. It owns a 60 per cent share in the volume of meat-type goose production and has been a leader in the production of ducks in Hungary. Tranzit Group has been profitable ever since its establishment, and it continues reinvesting into further developments. The company’s annual sales amount to ca. HUF 20 billion.

With a view to cover the ever increasing export request and satisfy market demand, nevertheless, to also maintain long-term partnerships, early 2015, the company decided to increase production capacity.

Within the Group, Tranzit-Ker zRt., a subsidiary of Tranzit Group, takes the agricultural spectrum of the business. Tranzit-Ker zRt. is the proprietor and operator of a hatchery, a feed mixer, the annual capacity of which already approximates to 150,000 tons as a result of the latest large-scale investments and more than 50 poultry farms that have also been extended by a total floor of 100,000 square metres of poultry stalls. Meat processing is undertaken by Tranzit-Food Kft. (Ltd.), an integrated producer and distributor of goose and duck products.



Nomen est omen! We are convinced that our trademark Goldenfood says it all. In line with that, we always strive for the best and endeavour to transfer the best of our knowledge in our assortment and in each element thereof in order to provide reliable and premium quality.

From a small family-run business we have grown to one of the largest companies in Eastern Hungary, still we never fail to recognise any change in our buyers’ demands. With all our developments, we aim to make our customers always enjoy the pleasures of the table if provided by Goldenfood products.


  • As a result of the developments carried out in 2017, the annual volume of goose and duck meat processed by Tranzit Group amounts to 36,000 tons;
  • Tranzit Group represents the largest production company of meat-type geese in Europe - it provides for 20 per cent of the total volume of goose production in the European Union;
  • Tranzit Group’s share in the Hungarian goose meat market accounts for 60 per cent
  • the volume of duck meat produced by Tranzit Group accounts for 18 per cent of the Hungarian and 5 per cent of the total European volume produced. As a result of a large-scale increase in production capacity, the company intends to enhance roaster duck production to 7.5 million, followed by another increase to 7.8 million pieces;
  • It is Tranzit Group that operates the largest waterfowl hatchery using up-to-date technology in CEE that is capable of efficiently providing the over  50 group-owned poultry farms with one-day-old geese and ducks;
  • Since 2004, Tranzit Group has held its own stock of breeding geese with a pedigree;
  • having extended its product portfolio, Tranzit Group plans to process 9 million chickens in the poultry processing plant that it acquired in 2017;
  • Through its global commercial contacts, Tranzit Group supplies its fresh and frozen products - either whole or cut-up - to stores of major retail chains all over the world;
  • The main target countries of Tranzit Group’s exports include (but are not limited to) Germany, Austria, Great-Britain, France, Slovakia, Denmark, Spain and Italy in Europe; and Japan, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Canada and South Africa overseas.
  • As first among the European companies being engaged in waterfowl production, it has been Tranzit-Ker zRt., a subsidiary of Tranzit Group, that produces GMO-free forage only in its own feed mixer, that has an annual capacity of nearly 150,000 tons as a result of the latest investments effected in 2016-2017;
  • As a result of its research scheme, all the goose products produced by Tranzit Group are GMO-free
  • Providing work for nearly 1,000 employees, Tranzit Group is a major employer in the Eastern-Hungarian region. In an effort to fuel the increased production capacity with human resources, the company will expand its local workforce by 500 employees in 2017.


Presence in the International Marketplace


The purely Hungarian-owned Tranzit Group operates in Hungary, a country that stretches on nearly 93,000 square kilometres in the Carpathanian Basin, in Central-Europe. In a narrow sense, the Group pursues its operations in the territory over the River “Tisza”. Tranzit Group holds its seat in Debrecen, the regional centre of cultural life, economics, tourism and transport.


Regions of Operation in Hungary